About five years ago, I began to play a stick dulcimer and it has given me a great deal of pleasure ever since. I soon began to write out song sheets for pop, rock and golden oldies since such songs are not easily available for the stick dulcimer. This site now contains tabs for 560 such songs specifically for this instrument and will grow constantly. Spread the word to anyone else who plays, or is interested in learning about this easy-to-play instrument.

There are about 370 songs playable on another instrument, the Seagull Merlin, a similar dulcimer but with four strings, the top or melody string being doubled, and fewer frets which means fewer available notes. These are the same songs which appear in the categories for the strumstick. However, some of the songs playable on the strumstick will not work for the Merlin because of the fewer notes available.

David (aka Sticktabs)