This site contains many song tabs for the stick dulcimer, a three-stringed instrument which is most commonly tuned DAD. There are also song tabs for the Seagull Merlin, an instrument similar to the stick dulcimer, but with a slightly different fret board. Since the stick dulcimer has more frets than the Merlin, not all the songs on this site are playable on the Merlin. Those that are playable are all in categories which start with “Merlin”.

To see a song tab, choose a song, click on “Continue Reading”. A new page will open with a few background comments about the song and the word TAB. This is where you click to download the song tab. There is often also a youtube if you wish to review the song.

On the top right of the home page the categories are listed. Clicking on a category will bring up all the songs in that category. If you simply want to browse more easily, you will see that the home page also has lists of song titles for both the Strumstick and Seagull Merlin.

You can also use the search box on the home page to look for songs. A caution, however. If a song has (Merlin) after the name, the TAB will not work for the strumstick. There will be a strumstick version too. Look for it. Similarly, unless the song is included in the Seagull Merlin category, or has the word Merlin in brackets after it, it can be played only on the strumstick.

A few words about the method of tablature I use.

1. For the sake of simplicity, I usually give only the melody notes played on the top and middle strings, and sometimes the bottom string. Once you have the melody, have fun adding chords or strumming across all three strings to personalize your version of the song.
2. The system I use numbers the frets consecutively and does not use 6.5 as many sites do. So 6.5 is 7, 7 is 8 and so on. I find this simpler.
3. I use this sign ~ between notes to indicate that they should be played quickly together. I use a dot to indicate a pause, or “hold the note.” For instance the first few notes of “Delta Dawn” would look like this.   0  1  2.  2~2  1  0  0   So pause after the third note, but play the fourth and fifth quickly.
4. When I give the name of an artist or group on a song tab, it is because some songs have been covered by many artists who interpret the song differently. The artist’s name indicates the version upon which I have modeled my tab.

I hope you find this site useful and interesting.


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