A few words about the method of tablature I use.

1. For the sake of simplicity, I usually give only the melody notes played on the top and middle strings, and sometimes the bottom string. Once you have the melody, have fun adding chords or strumming across all three strings to personalize your version of the song.
2. The system I use numbers the frets consecutively and does not use 6.5 as many sites do. So 6.5 is 7, 7 is 8 and so on. I find this simpler.
3. I use this sign ~ between notes to indicate that they should be played quickly together. I use a dot to indicate a pause, or “hold the note.” For instance the first few notes of “Delta Dawn” would look like this.   0  1  2.  2~2  1  0  0   So pause after the third note, but play the fourth and fifth quickly.
4. When I give the name of an artist or group on a song tab, it is because some songs have been covered by many artists who interpret the song differently. The artist’s name indicates the version upon which I have modeled my tab.